• Short Stories

    The Adventures of Sailor Jack and Bingo

    Once upon a time, in 1896, there was a little boy named Sailor Jack.  He had a dog named Bingo.  Sailor Jack and Bingo lived on a ship with Sailor Jack’s dad, Captain Frederick William Rueckheim.  Sailor Jack, Bingo, and Captain Frederick William Rueckheimwere traveling from Germania to The Land of the Corn to expand his father’s snack business.  While Captain Frederick William Rueckheimand the rest of the crew were doing their duties, Sailor Jack and Bingo would run around the ship, playing pirates, looking for buried treasure, and saving damsels in distress.  Sailor Jack always wanted to be a pirate because unlike sailors, they have so many adventures and they’re wealthy.  Captain Frederick William Rueckheimhated it when Sailor Jack pretended to be a pirate because pirates attack sailors, although they have been fortunate enough to not be attacked on their journey.

    One foggy afternoon, Sailor Jack and Bingo were playing pirates; Bingo started barking because he had seen something in the distance.

    “What is it, boy?” Sailor Jack asked, calmly petting Bingo’s ears which were sticking up in alertness.

    Bingo continued to bark relentlessly as Sailor Jack stared off into the horizon, finally spotting the looming ship.

    “A ship!” exclaimed Sailor Jack.  “Maybe it’s a pirate ship!”

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