• Poetry

    i haven’t felt like this in a long time

    the way you kiss me-

    i feel alive

    your lips passionately mash against mine

    and your fingernails drag lines

    down my shoulders



    the way you kiss me-

    i just might die

    your tongue probes my mouth

    you moan

    i cry

    begging you to be completely mine

    © 2015 Vic Romero

  • Speaking My Mind

    Slutty Sunday (and Saturday)- Our Second-Chance Birthday Weekend

    This weekend was amazing.

    My girlfriend (we got back together on Monday, September 8th at like 2:30am) just left about a little bit ago.  I feel really sad…like I started crying a little bit but I think that’s mostly because I’m homesick and now that she’s gone I’m alone again.  But I do think a part of me is really sad because I’m scared because…I feel kinda ruined.

  • Poetry,  Speaking My Mind

    No More Apologies

    god i’m so sorry i have broken your heart i’m so sorry i have gone about this all wrong i’m so sorry i have wished all along that we could get along but i screw it all up and i’m so sorry i keep tearing you apart with every article of clothing that i pack it feels to you like a smack like a stab in the back i’m so sorry that this hurts you so bad i’m sorry but it hurts me too my heart is covered with black and blues and i’m sorry i hadn’t told you the truth but it’s hard to be honest when i couldn’t even be honest with myself i didn’t know how to go to you i didn’t know how to ask for help i’m sorry but i was lying in the dirt of the tears that i had been crying for hours for days for years i was dying for so long but at least all of my tears showered the withered flowers so they lived on so they grew up to be strong as i was corroding away as i was deteriorating into dust but at least i becoming something because before i was nothing i was just living to waste my time until i died i was making the motions and imitating life…

    but now i feel whole i feel content with myself and i don’t apologize for finally being who i am

    © 2014 Vic Romero

  • Poetry,  Speaking My Mind

    smashed at starbucks


    feeling low

    insecure and alone

    why would i feel this way after hanging out with her, now that i’m home?

    everyone fucking knows…

    i’m now swimming in a fishbowl

    and i’m naive

    inexperienced little me

    lamer than anything that comes to be

    not good enough, i need to leave

    i just want to run

    leave her hanging on

    eventually she’ll let go too

    i just want to run

    run from her because she makes me feel too good

    and it’s all corrupt

    it’s all fucked

    from the beginning anyway

    i will only be ending it all

    before the unstable structure that we’ve created falls

    on its own

    or maybe i will wait it out

    and see if she can accept me

    but i don’t want to ask

    because i’m scared she’ll reject me

    © 2014 Vic Romero

  • Short Stories,  Speaking My Mind

    Let’s Make This Night Last Forever

    She picked me up five minutes to six.  She drives a little silver car…a Dodge I think.

    Upon opening the passenger side door, the stench of air freshener, cigarettes, and perfume wafted up my nose.  I breathed the smell of her in and bid her ‘hello’.

    She was wearing a long-sleeved, blue and grey striped shirt and dark blue jeans.  Her long hair was pulled back in a ponytail, as always.  She looked really good.

    Then she pulled out of my driveway and headed toward our First Date destination: The Olive Garden. My family thought that I was going to the mall.

  • Speaking My Mind

    Peanuts and Chocolate

    Hello, everyone, hope you all are doing well and you have been having a good new year so far.

    My new year has been pretty incredible. I came out to some of my friends and my sister, I found out that the girl that I have been crushing on likes me back (we’ve been talking nonstop for almost three weeks now, it’s been established that we like each other…) and…oh yeah! I went on a date with her! Yesterday, January 20, I had my first official date with anyone, and my first date with her…it was amazing. I’m still in shock that she likes me back, that she has liked me since I started working in July, that we went on a date and that she had a nice time and wants to see me again, that most of her friends know about me and her best friend wants to meet me…it’s all crazy exciting and overwhelming.

    Anyway…I have intended to write everyday in 2014, but that didn’t happen once I started talking to her. I was too happy to write, or too…I just couldn’t write.

    But I do want to catalog (mostly for me) all that happened between me and her for the past two weeks so…I transferred the texts I sent to my cousin about all my problems/concerns/events onto here because I don’t feel like typing it all again lol. The following texts are only my half of the textversation (texting conversation).

  • Poetry

    Infatuated Again


    All I want to do

    Is lose myself in you

    In your words

    In your eyes

    In your touch

    What I have now is not enough

    © 2014 Vic Romero

    <<exciting blog tomorrowww…>>

  • Speaking My Mind

    Crashing and Burning

    I’m so fucked.  So, so incredibly fucked.

    It was Sunday night.  I made the boss I have huge crush on a mix CD after we had talked at work about bands that we liked…then I texted her asking if she was going to be at work on Tuesday morning because I was planning on going to my job to eat with a friend, and I wanted to give my boss the album.

    Ever since that night I texted her, we have been talking…non-stop.  Like…long messages.  

  • Poetry

    fairy dust

    from google images

    snow has been falling

    covering the frozen earth

    it’s the angels’ breath


    snow has been falling

    for what seems like hours now

    a blanket of white


    snow has been falling

    and i’ve been falling for you

    ever since we met


    i am falling hard

    as the flakes drift down to earth



    perhaps the snow banks

    will soften the blow when I

    crash into the earth


    for you’re the angel

    breathing out the white snowflakes

    cold, but warms my heart


    © Copyrights 2014 Vic Romero

  • Poetry


    I love you…
    But you won’t ever know
    I need you
    But I have to let you go
    Sure, we can be friends
    If I don’t mind
    Having my heart ripped to shreds
    Every time I see you
    Every time I get near you
    Every time I hear you laugh
    All I want
    Is to be with you
    Hold your hand
    Lean my head on your chest
    Feel your heartbeat
    Feel the warmth of your breath
    As it tickles my neck
    Your lips, sweetly caress…
    These are only dreams though
    Pathetic fantasies
    Although I’m pretty sure
    You are the only girl for me

    © 2014 Vic Romero