• Short Stories

    Stifling Heat

    I stared up at the ceiling fan as it whirled overhead. It was attempting to provide a breeze in the sweltering evening heat but to little avail. My oversized t-shirt clung to my back, sticky with perspiration. I raised my feet into the air, feeling the slight breeze tickle my soles. Then I rolled onto my right side and stared directly into the electric fan. The wind it created was aggressive and loud. My hair blew off of my face and I sighed blissfully.

    Then my phone pinged.

    I glanced at it, unamused, and snatched it off of the chipping, white side table. It was Ashley.

    I heard what happened to you and Tom. I’m so sorry.

    I frowned and turned off my phone. She’s not sorry, she is probably thrilled that he’s now available. She always liked him. I could tell by the way she looked at him and how she talked to him.

    I rolled back onto my back and resumed staring into the ceiling fan, hoping to be hypnotized into a deep sleep.

    Sleep. What a foreign concept to me at this point. I haven’t slept since we broke up a week ago. It’s been even longer since I’ve slept alone. Two years. It’s been two years…I don’t know how to sleep alone anymore.

    I closed my eyes, hoping that if I pretended to be asleep, I’d eventually trick myself into falling asleep this time. Instead of looking at the back of my eyelids though, I was confronted by Tom’s face hovering over me, illuminated by the moon through the window. He was smiling mischievously, some locks of his golden hair falling into his eyes. Then I felt his warm, calloused fingers draw circles on my right arm. His breath was warm when he leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Tell me what you want.”

    I smiled, relieved that he was back. He tenderly kissed my face, but when I tried to kiss him, he shook his head, his grin widening.

    “Tell me first,” he said, kissing my neck. The sensation sent chills down my body, and simultaneously ignited my skin. “Tell me what you want.”

    I slid my hand across my hot stomach and brushed the top of my pubic bone.

    “I want you,” I gasped as my fingers dipped lower, probingly.

    “What do you want me to do?” he asked, kissing his way down my chest.

    My touch sent a wave of warmth over my body. “I want you to…” I panted.

    “What do you want me to do?” he asked, looking into my eyes.

    “I want you to—”

    Then my body shook, and everything felt like it was on fire.

    When my breathing slowed and I relaxed, I whispered, “I want you to be here.” I opened my eyes expectedly as if I had just performed a spell to summon him. All I saw though, was the whirling ceiling fan in my dark room. I was alone.

    My face crumbled. The satisfaction that I created dissipated and tears streamed down my cheeks.

    © 2018 Vic Romero – Performance Poetics Spring 2018

  • Poetry,  Speaking My Mind


    I now have twenty-two followers
    On my new Tumblr
    And I probably have diabetes
    At least I know I don’t have melanoma
    According to my new, hot doctor
    How much disappointment
    Can she swallow?
    Shut up and don’t wallow
    Dammit, she hasn’t texted me back
    At least not yet
    She must be busy
    All this porn is making me dizzy
    Horny as hell
    And it’s freaking Christmas morning
    My grandpa is sexting me
    -I mean texting me
    From across the room
    I think her and I belong together
    Like peanut butter and jelly
    In her Facebook pictures, she looks so sexy…
    Santa brought me naughty panties
    Never mind this
    Reblog the pornographic gifs
    I’m so sick of this piece of shit
    Wow, those are big tits
    I feel like reminiscing a bit…
    No, bad idea
    Anyway, I’m over it
    Discarded like trash
    I’m used to it
    Dammit, she still hasn’t texted me back
    I’m selling my soul again
    Downloaded a new app
    Fuck this, I’m taking a nap
    Blast my ears with this techno crap
    Until this fucking holiday break is over

    © 2013 VicRomero

  • Poetry

    Sweet Dreams

    Whisper your name
    Into the crook of your neck
    Soft touch
    Heavy breath
    Beautiful body
    Brilliant mind
    Someone like you is hard to find
    Curl into you
    Clinging to you
    Want to get closer
    This is not enough
    I need more than your heavenly touch
    Trail fingers
    Down your thighs
    Eliciting a moan
    Of delicious surprise
    Supple skin
    Beneath my lips
    Nipping, biting
    Ending with a kiss
    You squirm and cry
    As my hand becomes more insistent
    In between your thighs
    Then finally
    You reach your pleasurable high
    Kiss you tenderly
    And I whisper ‘goodnight’

    © 2013 VicRomero

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