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    I can’t believe my birthday is tomorrow because October seems to have come and gone so quickly. I did my best to enjoy October, although I didn’t get to watch all the Halloween movies I wanted to because my work schedule is so hectic. I also wasn’t able to go apple picking or carve a pumpkin, but I’ll try to do those things next year!

    Anyway…aside from a family birthday dinner, I don’t have anything special planned this year. I’d like to go to the city this weekend but we’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, I thought it’d be fun to revisit my birthday posts on my blog since I’ve written birthday posts since 2013! Time really does fly…






    I hope y’all had a wonderful Halloween and I hope November is going well so far for you! Today is my last day of work and I’m working like 12 hours, so my birthday tomorrow will be extra sweet since it’ll be a well-deserved break. After today I should have more time to write so there will be more blog posts coming soon!

    xx Vic

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    Yogi-In-Training: Trust

    My second week of yoga has come and gone, and now I only have three weeks left! The fourth week consists of only two days of training and the final week is testing. So technically, tomorrow begins the last full week of training!

    I’ve made improvements in my confidence since last week! For example, I haven’t cried this past week and I have changed my perspective in my class by honoring where my body is at rather than criticizing myself. I have also come out of my comfort zone a bit by talking more with my peers and now I eat lunch and talk with some of them.

    Last Wednesday we went into the city and we did acro-yoga which is acrobatics combined with yoga. It requires serious trust in your partners in order to execute the poses safely. I challenged myself by trying things I otherwise would have never done, but I like that about this experience because I’ve been challenging myself constantly. By doing so, I surprise myself with what I am capable of. It’s quite satisfying.

    My latest surprise was when I did a forearm stand. So far, I’ve only been able to do it with an assist and I haven’t been able to hold it, but I hope to be able to improve next week. I’ve realized that not only do these challenging poses require confidence, but they also require trust, whether that be in yourself or whoever/whatever is supporting you.

    Evidently, this training has allowed me to learn more than just yoga, and it’s fantastic. I’m excited to graduate and to see where my new certificate will take me. Where will I teach what I’ve learned? What will I do to continue to learn?

    If I could do anything with my life…I would want to teach and write, whether that be for my own business, for research, or for a book. I would like to travel internationally and domestically to teach and to learn from other people and cultures too.

    I can do anything with my life though so it’s just a matter of how I want to make this happen and what opportunities will arise that will shape my life. I often feel a little skeptical of how the universe unfolds but I know I have to trust that I will be where I need to be.

    How was this past week for you? What are you looking forward to this week? What are your intentions for this week?

    xx Vic

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    Swallowed by the Grey

    Everything has felt so miserable.  I haven’t done anything fun because of school, which I’m not doing too well in anyway…my bestie didn’t come to visit me for Halloweekend this year and I’ve been spending most of my weekends wallowing in my room.  I can’t wait for this semester to end and to graduate, but when that happens, I’ll be going back home and I won’t be seeing my girlfriend nearly as frequently.  Our relationship will change because we’ll be in two different places, both physically and emotionally.  We only live about an hour away from each other but if I’m working full-time (at this rate, I won’t be because I stopped applying for jobs) and she’ll be at school full-time…we’ll have different, busy schedules.  I don’t think it’ll negatively impact our relationship but I’ll just miss seeing her every day and I’ll miss spending as much time together.  I also won’t be seeing my sister as much…I’ll miss being at school with her.

    My birthday is tomorrow and my sister and I may not have a voice due to laryngitis caused by allergies.  Dinner with our parents will be incredibly silent.  This happened to me last February for the first time since elementary school, and I was hoping it wouldn’t happen again but alas, it appears it will.

    I’m quite sad that tomorrow is my birthday…I am not where I want to be.  Then again, I’m never satisfied with where I’m at.  Why is that?  What will it take for me to be happy, even if I’m not “the best?”  Why make myself miserable?  How can I change the way I value my life so that I’m positive and kinder to myself?  Perhaps value societal expectations of me less?  Perhaps value academic excellence less?  Perhaps value the way I feel about myself more? How do I go about valuing myself more?

    Anyway…I went to the city on Saturday to combat all this negativity.  I went with my girlfriend because we had been talking about wanting to go for forever but for one reason or another, we haven’t been together yet.  It was pretty spontaneous because we kept going back and forth with it but then we both got train tickets and hopped on the train and we were off!

  • Poetry,  Speaking My Mind

    Sweet ‘N’ Sour

    I fell in love with your words,
    They gently caressed my ears
    Sending shivers up my spine

    I fell in love with your voice,
    Smooth and low
    Emitted from your lovely lips
    Which were frequently goofily smiling

    I fell in love with the way you said my name
    I could’ve heard it all day
    And your kisses were always sweet

    I fell in love with your eyes,
    A deep and hypnotizing green
    Penetrating into mine
    Seeing right through me

    I fell in love with your hands,
    Soft and big, the most perfect hands that I’ve ever seen
    Attached to arms, so strong
    Strong enough to hold me

    I fell in love,
    I fell in love easily
    But it was wrong,
    It was all wrong
    So eventually…

    I fell out of love with your hands,
    Cold and hard, they choked my heart cunningly
    Attached to arms, so strong
    But they refused to even hug me

    I fell out of love with your eyes,
    A stormy green
    Hiding secrets and lies
    Drowned me in your tsunamis

    I fell out of love with the way you said my name,
    Spat it out
    And your kisses soured in the new day

    I fell out of love with your voice,
    Hoarse and low
    That emitted from your bloody lips,
    Which were frequently demonically grinning

    I fell out of love with your words
    They seared my ears,
    Burning my entire body

    © 2013 Vic Romero

    Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
    *inspired by the lovely Sam…thanks for inspiring me xx

  • Poetry


    Crossing the road with the crowd
    Passed a boy with brown hair
    He was going the other way,
    With another crowd
    Yet he picked me out.
    His eyes caught mine,
    Hazel and big
    But he kept walking
    Back turned to me then,
    As he went to the other side

    And I thought as I walked,
    That he looked awfully familiar
    Then I coughed
    Because someone exhaled
    Cigarette smoke into my face
    I turned around again
    To see if I actually knew him
    But at that point he was too far away

    I continued to walk down the block,
    Walking many blocks
    Paying no mind to the time the clocks tell
    A lone saxophonist played
    His music circled my hips
    I couldn’t help but to sway
    The passion he felt was evident in what he played
    I wish I had that passion
    Or at least enthusiasm
    For something, anything
    I paid him a dollar for the song,
    Before moving on

    And I thought as I walked,
    That that song sounded awfully familiar
    Then I coughed
    Because someone exhaled
    Cigarette smoke into my face
    I tried humming the tune
    To see if I actually knew it
    But at that point its notes were forgotten in my brain

    Rounding the corner of Bleecker street,
    The pavement slapping against my feet
    Passed a sex shop
    Posters covered the windows and walls
    Stragglers walked in
    Drool running down their chins
    And I remembered

    I remembered as I walked
    That the boy from before was an old lover
    And that song was played when we first met each other
    And the sex shop became my way to find satisfaction
    But ultimately I lost all of my passion

    Then I thought as I walked
    That I had no idea where I was going
    I opted to take shots
    Because my memories were too noisy
    I headed for the Blind Tiger
    But money I lacked
    Because I had lost my job when I was with my boss on my back

    I remembered as I walked
    Hating that I could still remember
    I thought that I had forgotten what I forgot
    All this stuff that happened last December
    I suppose forgetting isn’t that hard
    But forgetting what’s forgotten is the challenge
    Perhaps with more heroin,
    I’ll be able to forget
    And find passion and direction.

    © 2013 Vic Romero

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    I’ve Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

    Seventeen magazine had said that in January I would be flirting with two hotties (which I was: my manager who I started talking to two days before I saw my horoscope, and my former best friend who I’ve been reconnecting with for awhile and is straight) and that one of them is compatible with me. On the 26th I was supposed to know which person is for me.

    I don’t believe in horoscopes. I like to read them though because I think it’s cool when they are somewhat relevant to my life, and I wonder how many other Scorpios (that’s my horoscope) relate to the horoscope, which in turn means that they relate to me. It’s a connection of astrology. I find it neat.

    Regardless of my fascination with horoscopes, I have never believed in them nor have I ever deemed horoscopes to be correct. Except for the one that I stated above. Then again, my horoscope was actually not correct because I had known she was the one that was most compatible with me after a few days of talking, regardless of my questioning our compatibility when I found out that she smokes pot. Pot irks me.

    Anyway, today is the 27th and I forgot that the 26th, the official day that I was supposed to know if she was the person for me, has passed.

    Did anything happen yesterday that reaffirmed that she was the person for me?

    ….no. I spent most of yesterday not talking to her because I was studying or…”studying”. I did text her later last night during the Grammy’s though. I confessed to her that I had died inside (in a good way) that one time that she had gotten mad at work and almost whacked me with the door because she had grabbed my waist…she was all: omg Victoria you just melted my heart I didn’t think I could make anyone feel that way…

    Other than that, there was nothing that happened on the 26th that screamed “VICTORIA YOU ARE MEANT TO BE WITH THIS GIRL!!!”

    However, there have been other times, before the magical 26th and after that has caused me to like her even more than I did when I was just admiring her from afar a few months ago.

    We have a lot in common, my girl and I. We have little things in common, like favorite ice cream flavor, favorite music, etc. But we also have similar values, such as honesty, family, work ethics.

    We have a lot of differences too. She loves wrestling and football (specifically the Patriots) and I don’t watch sports (except for tennis sometimes). She enjoys romance movies, I prefer comedies. There are others too, but I didn’t want to make a list about her here. I want to talk about…Thursday.

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    Brooklyn Blog 3 and 4

    Saturday we hung around Brooklyn then headed to the financial district to go to this cool pub, Sir Fraunces Tavern, for lunch. Here are a few lousy pictures of it. It was really classy.




    Then we went to Century 21 because everyone in the Financial District was carrying bags and bags from that store. So we go inside and it is a zoo. Hundreds of people bustling with those little wagon carts, full of clothes and such. Not only is this store busy, but it’s a maze. There were tons of stairs and no exits…it was a fire hazard. I actually felt nervous in there.

    Later we ate at a Mexican restaurant run by white, hipsters. The Mexicans were in the back cooking. I’m not even kidding. There was something off about that place.

    I’m tired of fake Mexican restaurants, like Chipotle and crap. I like the authentic cuisine and atmosphere of a good Mexican restaurant. Although the food was excellent at the hipster-run place, the music and atmosphere was like…modern-chic…between the decorations and music. They were playing Amy Winehouse (who I love but it was weird while I was eating enchiladas).

    The design of the restaurant was cool though. It’s a tiny restaurant and we ate on the top floor, which had an entirely glass wall. There wasn’t much to see other than cars but it was cool. And the food was good. The hipsters were nice enough. One waiter kicked out the hipster girl customers because they were taking a long time to finish paying and we were supposed to take their table. It was funny because the hipster girl got mad and then stormed off with her hipster friend and then the hipster waiter was like: you’re table will be ready in a moment.

    I thought it was funny.

    Anyway…so we headed back to the apartment and as my mom was unlocking the door of the building, the Indian man that owns the restaurant at the bottom and owns the other room in the apartment opens the door and after brief introductions, offers us food.

    I had been wanting to eat at the Indian place for forever but no one else in my family likes Indian cuisine and we were often in Manhattan when we ate.

    Anywho, though we had all just eaten dinner but he insisted, since it was our last night in Brooklyn. So about an hour later he came all the way to the top floor to give us bags of Indian food. Way more than I had expected. We took most of it back home with us. He was really sweet.

    Then Sunday we packed up and went to visit a college. That sucked. The school was fantastic, I already applied there. But I am just soooo tired of college visits. I’m going to make a guide eventually on college visit stuff. I’ve been to…too many.

    I’m going to go to sleep. I have school tomorrow ugh 🙁

    Goodnight, WordPress

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    Brooklyn Blog 2

    My dad is crashing our Girls’ Weekend in Brooklyn today. Our Girl’s Weekend wasn’t really a weekend though…more like a day.

    Anyway, yesterday was really nice. I blew almost half of my birthday cash on my fourth pair of Docs, a sweater, and a Rocky Horror Picture Show tshirt. I kinda hate that I spent so much money on two tops and shoes but I absolutely love Docs, I wear them all the time, and I had wanted this certain pair for forever. Also, I needed a new sweater. The Rocky shirt was just a bonus.

    I had a huge breakfast yesterday and skipped lunch (stopped for some peppermint hot chocolate though), so by the time dinner rolled around I was blind with hunger. I’m pretty sure that’s a saying.

    We had some pizza at this trendy, gourmet Italian pizza place. Our waiter was a tall glass of water (basically he was attractive), had a thick accent, and had trouble understanding what we were saying at times. He was sweet. The atmosphere was really nice too. Here’s a really dark picture of it.


    I think it looks romantic and sexy. It was really nice. They played like reggae and jazz and just…chill music.

    Anyway, the pizza was fabulous (although overpriced. The personal pie that I had, albeit large, was $19). The dough was thin but chewy, and the crust was thick and fluffy. It was some serious food science. I have never eaten a pizza like it before. I wish I had taken a picture of it.

    Later, my sister and I watched a movie called ” Struck By Lightning”. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t a comedy. Netflix said it was a comedy. Huge disappointment.

    My dad should be here in a few minutes…actually he’s here now.

    Later, WordPress

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