• Speaking My Mind


    I’ve been feeling like I’m going through a breakup again, except it’s not a romantic breakup.  I’m experiencing a roommate breakup.

    I got a roommate my second semester of college.  She likes Fall Out Boy, and I love Fall Out Boy, so basically it was love at first sight.  But then the “honeymoon” phase wore off and reality struck.  I became ridiculously agitated by her, and although I never talked about it, I think my bad attitude was noticeable. Then, Tuesday of this week, we broke up in the sense that we decided not to live together next year.  (We were planning to live together up until this point.)  So now we’re in this awkward phase like…”I can’t wait to get away from you,” except we’re still living together now. Yeah, there’s only like two weeks of the semester left and I’m rarely in the room anyway, but when I am in the room, it’s uncomfortable.  And smelly.  Did I mention she has BO?  She also hasn’t washed her sheets since she moved here in January, nor has she done laundry since spring break so…two more weeks of this fun.

  • Poetry

    Forever Temporary

    Nothing lasts forever…not the pain, not the joy, especially not the weather. Everything you know is temporary…and yeah, the fact that all you love can suddenly crumble is kinda scary but…nothing on Earth is forever. At least nothing that can die. Themes of life, like love, however, tend to survive. Although love may be reflected in anothers’ eyes over time. And the lover that you have naked in your bed…and the father that tucks you in and then always kisses your head…your pet, your best friend, your enemy…they are all just temporary. The pain, the joy they bring…the feelings that make you weep or sing…it’s all temporary. Or you can be more optimistic and say that the relationships you have last only a short “forever” because the time that you spent together felt like an eternity at one point. In the grand scheme of life, however, “forever” is only a fraction of your own story. The first girl or boy you kissed will likely not be your only.

    But please, don’t fear or expect the imminent end, because then you won’t be living in the moment…and that you will regret.

    © 2014 Vic Romero

  • Short Stories,  Speaking My Mind

    Love Takes Courage

    Yesterday she texted me.

    She is my former best friend. Former because I fell in love with her and then pushed her away. Too far away.

    After coming out to myself and being able to confidently write “I like girls”, I enjoy talking to her again. I allow myself to feel all the gooey emotions that she evokes in me.  I allow myself to love her.

    But before, when I denied myself to feel love or lust for women, I was always angry at her.

  • Poetry

    Paper- Thin

    It’s been too long I think there’s no hope for the paper boat to float again after it had sunk in the sink it stinks but it was bound to happen paper absorbs water paper is weak it’s fragile and is easily torn apart shredded up like my heart by steel sharks their teeth so sharp and white their eyes a warm brown but filled with disgust and hate my vulnerable heart is her bait and her smile is so conniving I know when I see it that I’m going to be dying I’m helpless and defenseless against her she’s perfect she’s worth it but I will never have the chance to be her first let alone be her friend again she’s hungry for the destruction of my heart which had sunk in the sink filled with resentful tears too many years have passed for us to get another chance.