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    -Weekend Blog!

    Graduation is in less than two weeks, and my life has been a little hectic in an exciting way. This past weekend I spent my days drinking and snacking at alumni events and other University gatherings with my friends and my girlfriend, hence why I did not get to make a Sunday post this Sunday. I was recovering from all the fun.

    I’ve been enjoying my last days as an undergraduate though because I’ve been celebrating with people that I care about and I also have more exciting activities planned up until graduation (I have three commencements to attend), and even after. Thus, my regular blogging schedule may continue to be a little erratic until late May or the beginning of June.

    Since I didn’t get to post on Sunday because of the senioritis excitement, I will at least detail the festivities I participated in.


    My girlfriend and I went on a spontaneous date! We greatly enjoy BYOB sushi places, which is what we did at a local place. The drug store near us surprisingly had alcohol (this is a novelty experience in NJ where only liquor stores carry alcohol), and we got a wine that was less than $5! Neither of us had ever found and purchased a wine that cheap (except maybe when I was in Europe) it wasn’t bad wine at all. It easily could have been at least a $10 wine.

    Anyway, it was great because we at sushi and got drunk on cheap wine. Then when we were leaving, we heard live music at a bar and so we popped in. It was a male guitarist who had a great voice. We got Moscow mules, which is my favorite mixed drink at the moment, and had a great time listening to the musician at a pretty hipster place.

    We’ve been to that bar before because it’s also a liquor store, and last time we did BYOB sushi locally, we got a $25 bottle of wine there. That was the most I’ve spent on wine, but it was well worth it. That bottle was from Spain and it was simply divine.

  • Speaking My Mind

    Tea and Weed

    I have a new friend.

    We used to be friends freshman year, but I got in the middle of some dumb, petty drama between her and my former best friend. This year we reconnected, thanks to yearbook class mostly. Also, the nostalgia of our last year of high school.

    So work with her ex boyfriend wasn’t awkard. He seemed fine. Nice and funny as always. I hung out with her after she got off of work, and she seems fine still. She talked about their relationship a bit and I learned a few things about him I wasn’t aware of before. But then again I only talk to him about work stuff…sometimes about college stuff too but there wouldn’t necessarily be a reason for me to know that he was/is a pothead. (Apparently if I was closer to him, he satisfies the stereotype that is associated with potheads).

    I don’t like potheads. Generally, they’re lazy and unmotivated, don’t care for anything, associate with a ton of potheads in their spare time, and they become kinda…well dumb. My personality conflicts with potheads because although I can be very lazy, it doesn’t get to the point where my laziness ruins/controls my life. Most potheads I know have had their lives completely changed because of how pot affected their passion. Granted, the people that I know that smoke pot were always somewhat lazy and passionless…but I believe that if they didn’t smoke, perhaps they would’ve grown up a bit differently.

    Anywho, I still like my pothead coworker. He’s a nice guy and a good coworker. That’s all that matters to me. If he was a friend I hung out with all the time, the pot would matter to me.

  • Poetry

    11:18 pm

    the incoming week looms ahead
    i look upon it with dread
    i feel so weak in my knees
    i wonder how i’m still standing sometimes
    i just want to lie here forever
    i want to not want
    and sometimes,
    but only sometimes
    i will be able to move on