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    Practicing Mindfulness

    “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” -Mark Twain

    My therapist recommended I try a counseling group that focuses on behaviors and emotions, and I went to my first session last week.  It’s only been a week as I write this, but it’s been insightful thus far.  Our first assignment is to practice mindfulness because it is helpful when it comes to reducing suffering, increasing control of your mind, and experiencing reality as it is.

    Unfortunately, this assignment has gone to the wayside a bit since my dad had to go to the ER last week and spent three nights at the hospital.  That would’ve been a prime time to practice meditating because I was consumed with anxiety and the thoughts I used to have after my cousin passed resurfaced…I was experiencing very intense emotions.  I tried working out in the morning, which did help a little bit but…I didn’t deal with my emotions sufficiently I guess.  It all blew up in my face a couple of hours later when my mom was nagging me to text my aunt.  I erupted and we got into a dramatic fight…and she stormed out of the house.  Then I yelled at my sister until I finally broke down and cried uncontrollably.

    Anyway…I forgot about this assignment but I will work on it every day going forward because practicing mindfulness would help regulate my mood swings.

    I have practiced yoga twice in the last two weeks, which is a method for practicing mindfulness though.  I watched the Yoga with Adrienne videos that my good friend, Lana, recommended on her site.  I think I would rather learn the moves enough to do it on my own but for now, watching the videos and following along has been a little helpful.

    Thankfully, my dad is doing pretty well and he’s home from the hospital, so my anxiety surrounding medical issues and death has decreased.  Instead, I’ve been having a lot of anxiety about my future.  I think as far ahead as a year from now, which is ridiculous because then I miss out on enjoying the present moment.

  • Poetry,  Speaking My Mind

    This Was For You

    Inhaling you…
    The lingering scent on your shirt
    While I lie here in bed
    My hand slides down my neck
    Glides down my breast
    Your scent is captivating
    Soft lips
    I crave to kiss
    Your neck,
    My canvas
    Mark you as mine
    My hand finds its way between my thighs…
    Your head rolling
    From side to side
    Tongue spitting out
    Curses and shouts
    I want your tongue inside my mouth
    And inside my…
    One finger ventures inside
    Hot and wet..
    I wish I could make love to you tonight
    But instead I dream
    Of my digits drowning in your core
    Of you demanding more
    Of my wrist getting sore
    Of your tongue
    Your hands
    Your limbs
    Tangled up in mine
    I dream of us panting
    Falling asleep

    © 2014 Vic Romero

    18 Sept 2014

    **image from Google

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