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    Investing in Myself

    Welcome to the first official blog post on my new domain! Wow!

    I never expected to take my passion for blogging further by purchasing my own domain, but I did it! My supportive and loving girlfriend was part of the process toward believing in myself and taking that leap of faith…the Truth + Dare Podcasts have also been instrumental in me reaching this point.

    All of my posts were uploaded from my free WordPress blog yesterday, and then I played with the design, edited my “about” page, and created an email and wham! here I am! I was super excited yesterday to see it all come to fruition…to be honest though, now I’m a little nervous.

    Although I’ve mapped out some goals I have for this blog as well as some unique blog post ideas, I have no idea how to create an online presence. Yes, I’ve blogged on different platforms before but they had a social component where almost everyone else that viewed the site was also a blogger…so it was a supportive community. Now I feel like I’m on some island by myself, trying to figure out how I can get back the mainland when I have to create my own boat and/or bridge. I will probably have to get wet. By that I mean…I won’t succeed right away. I may have to do things that make me uncomfortable/nervous to reach my goals. I may even have to reevaluate my goals.

    It feels cumbersome researching methods for marketing your blog to gain an audience, considering how I’m now doubting any previous success I’ve had with blogging before. I suppose I just need to refocus the intention of this upgrade.

    Unzip These Lips’ Purpose

    I blog to express myself; to put language to my feelings and experiences and to help me take action. I want to connect with people that can relate to this struggle as well as to my experiences and feelings. I would like to create a dialogue about issues and challenges we face. A successful blog would consist of several followers that communicate with each other and with me to share ideas related to the topics I write. A successful blog would develop a community. My blog is like a personal lifestyle blog but an intimate one…which makes me unique to other blogs. So I would connect with people through the intimacy I share to help them and to help me.

    This is a very long purpose but for now, it is sufficient.

    xx Vic

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    I want to upgrade my blog. I don’t mean that I want to redesign it, which I usually do about every year to some degree…but this time, I actually want to invest in my blog. I want to take it more seriously and I want to rebuild the community I used to have.

    My girlfriend has been urging me to do it, but I dismissed it until about two weeks ago. I think it’d be a great idea because I’m graduating in a couple of months so I’ll be able to invest more time into it. Also, if I get a job, it’ll be a nice outlet for me. I will continue to write no matter what I’m doing, but I think it’s about time I take it seriously, just for myself. I want to be able to be more creative and have more control over my blog.

    Although this sounds fantastic, the only thing that is preventing me from pursuing it right now is that I have no knowledge of the blogging world. I’ve been doing some research on it but I don’t have too much time to do that since I’m also finishing my honors thesis. Perhaps I’ll spend more time looking at it this weekend and next weekend…I would like to start working on it in February but I don’t know if that would be too overwhelming.

    Some things I’ve been considering is using an outside provider, like SiteGround, to provide me with a premium WordPress account. One blogger that I love uses that site and I talked to a representative and they were immensely helpful. There are different providers though and they charge different prices and have different packages…it may help for me to figure out what type of package I want in order to make my decision. I don’t know what the goal of my blog is, though.

    I’d like to continue to do pretty much what I’m doing now, but vamp it up a bit. I like how my blog is a conglomerate of different types of writing. I feel like aside from writing more frequently and diversifying my post mores, I really want the writing community back. What I wrote about years ago, when I first started this blog, was how I was previously using an app called Opuss, which I believe is no longer in service. But it was a tight-knit community of writers and we collaborated a ton, it was fantastic! I miss having that type of interaction with people…so…I’m going to attempt to regain that. Soon. The changes will occur soon.

    If anyone has any suggestions or input into the world of upgrading blogs, please comment to let me know!

    xx Vic

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    Not a Hollow Halloweekend

    Since the fallout with my friend, I’ve been waiting to feel crappy about it, but I haven’t.   Granted, I was very upset for about a week and I had nightmares, but that was it.  I think about her once in awhile, mostly when I’m drinking, but that will diminish over time.

    Perhaps I haven’t been so devasted because I subconsciously saw it coming.  We hadn’t talked much in last few months, the love I had for her was too intense to last, and/or the conflict of interest there was due to her relationship with her best friend…but at the same time, I didn’t think these things would result in the finiteness of our friendship.  I believed that if anything, we just wouldn’t be as close, which was okay with me.  Instead, however, we don’t talk at all.  She hasn’t reached out to me nor has she responded to my texts, even the ones where I was clearly upset.  It’s reminiscent of how my ex iced me out over two years ago now.

    It may also be because I’ve been busy with school, my other friends, and that I have other more pressing concerns.

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    2 Months

    Tomorrow is our two-month anniversary.  She had said it felt like longer, and I agree…it feels like we’ve known each other and been together for more than…almost five months now.  We really began talking in January…and although we weren’t officially dating until a few months later, both of our friends have said that we were basically dating when we weren’t.

    God, I love her…she makes me happy.  I hope there are many months spent together to come 🙂

    Awhile ago I had told her that I like to write and I had shown her some of my stuff…when I told her I have my own website she had been demanding to see it but I had been reluctant because when I sent her some of my work, I was able to choose the pieces that would draw the fewest questions about myself or the pieces that wouldn’t make me feel so…vulnerable.

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    Miley’s Glittery Boobs

    Hey, WordPress

    Had a snow day today….which was really nice.  I made a Tumblr!  I’m kinda addicted because there are tons of beautiful babes on there…and Fall Out Boy.  I love Fall Out Boy.

    While I was reblogging pics of hot chicks and feminist stuff, I was also bumming out on the couch with my sister watching shitty television and snacking.

    I have been trying to come out to my sister for awhile now…I came really close to telling her yesterday.  And then again today.  I would be like: hey, Alex (that’s her name) I want to talk to you about something…

    Then she would reply like: about what?  are you okay? you’re making me nervous.

    Because she was nervous, I would feel nervous so then I would say: is Erik coming for Christmas?

    Blah.  It’s so depressing.

    My friend from a writing app that I used to use suggested that I write down what I want to say  and just give the note to her.  I associate notes with bad news and I also find notes to be rather lame…but seeing as that words fail me, I think it’s the best way to go.

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    Posh Spice

    Hope all you Americans had a great Thanksgiving.  For those that are not American and/or did not celebrate Thanksgiving with a feast, I hope your Thursday was better than all the previous Thursdays of 2013.

    My Thanksgiving was good.  I went to my aunt’s house and told my entire family I got into college.  I also impressed everyone with my vast knowledge.

    Aside from that, the family gathering/feast was just okay.  I prayed (whoo Christianity), ate more than I should’ve (like a good American should) and excessively shivered because I was cold and uncomfortable sitting on a hard wooden chair.  Eating exhausted me so I took a nap with my head on the table.  After my nap I finished the Rainbow Boys trilogy, and watched my cousin flirt with her boyfriend.

    My family kept teasing me because I wore a blazer…they were like: good luck at the job interview, Victoria! *snicker behind hands*

    I don’t understand that.  When I had red/blue/purple/green hair, they didn’t make any jokes.  They were probably just jealous of my poshness yesterday.  They were all wearing jeans and sweaters, which is so not posh.

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    Lasting Thoughts

    Okay…I’m going to try this blogging thing again. Hopefully this attempt to get out of my writer’s block is effective because I miss writing everyday.

    So I got into a college, which is awesome. It’s a school I really like and because I live in-state I would only have to pay in-state tuition.

    But…I’m a little bit worried about…like what I want to study. At the college I got into or another college…wherever.  I’m generally undecided about what I want to major in but I know I want to either double major or minor in women, gender, and sexuality studies.

    The reason I’m worried isn’t because I think my parents won’t be okay with that (my mom is all for it and although my dad would prefer me to only major in math or science he is not going to argue with my mom about it).


    I’m worried because…well you know that saying that’s like…you are what you study?

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