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Tea and Weed

I have a new friend.

We used to be friends freshman year, but I got in the middle of some dumb, petty drama between her and my former best friend. This year we reconnected, thanks to yearbook class mostly. Also, the nostalgia of our last year of high school.

So work with her ex boyfriend wasn’t awkard. He seemed fine. Nice and funny as always. I hung out with her after she got off of work, and she seems fine still. She talked about their relationship a bit and I learned a few things about him I wasn’t aware of before. But then again I only talk to him about work stuff…sometimes about college stuff too but there wouldn’t necessarily be a reason for me to know that he was/is a pothead. (Apparently if I was closer to him, he satisfies the stereotype that is associated with potheads).

I don’t like potheads. Generally, they’re lazy and unmotivated, don’t care for anything, associate with a ton of potheads in their spare time, and they become kinda…well dumb. My personality conflicts with potheads because although I can be very lazy, it doesn’t get to the point where my laziness ruins/controls my life. Most potheads I know have had their lives completely changed because of how pot affected their passion. Granted, the people that I know that smoke pot were always somewhat lazy and passionless…but I believe that if they didn’t smoke, perhaps they would’ve grown up a bit differently.

Anywho, I still like my pothead coworker. He’s a nice guy and a good coworker. That’s all that matters to me. If he was a friend I hung out with all the time, the pot would matter to me.

I’m excited I have a person I can officially call a friend. She’s nice to just talk to and wants to hang out with me. I like being wanted, it’s nice.

I’ve been reading that book I mentioned earlier, Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens. I really enjoy it so far. It has been helpful. I was considering doing things the authors didn’t recommend doing, such as talking with a sibling about your questioning. The authors said that depending on whether the sibling is queer friendly or not, saying “I might be gay” can cause unnecessary drama if you discover that you are not down the road.

It makes sense. Although I do like girls and my sister is queer-friendly, so if I said something to her, there probably wouldn’t be drama. But I think I will wait awhile longer to be completely comfortable with…well, me.

Tomorrow after school I’m going on the overnight college visit. I’m super excited…will post some stuff about it when it happens.

I’m going to take three classes while I’m there. It’s going to be rad.

Alright…well goodnight WordPress.

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