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The Aunts and Uncles of Amor: After Hours

My internship is coming to a close today and I’m already a little sad about it. I wasn’t expecting to be sad because I thought I would dislike it because 1) I’m working with kids, and I don’t particularly like kids and 2) these kids experience things that I have never had to. For example, some of them may be/have been/or will be recruited to join a gang. They may have had personal exposure to violence and drugs. An officer came in to talk to me and the other counselors during our training about how some of them may have tattoos, despite the oldest of them being fourteen. I felt unprepared to handle situations I may encounter with these kids, but instead it’s been great!

The first couple weeks have mostly been constructing a relationship with them, but of course, now that I have a relationship with them, the camp is over.

Anywho…let’s focus on the positive. This initially dreaded internship has been one of the best things to happen to me. Some of my coworkers will say the same thing.  I’ve met some amazing friends at camp. We’ve been hanging every Tuesday and really bonding. I’ve also made some amazing connections, learned a ton academically (I’m taking a class in conjunction with this job), and learned a lot about myself. All of these amazing things aside, one night in particular, is one of my favorite memories of the summer.

It was Hump Day. I had to work all day and then went to the grocery store to contribute some soda for the party that night. It was a BBQ pool party that my boss was throwing at her friend’s house. I was only going to go for an hour of two to bond with some of my coworkers that I barely spoke to this summer and enjoy some food.

I arrived at five on the dot, and I was the first one there. My boss wasn’t even there yet, so I hung out with the Bomba instructors. They were drinking and smoking and talking about their trip to Spain.

Then my boss, a couple of my coworkers, and some of the campers showed up and the party started. By “started,” I mean the grill was fired up, dancing began, and drinks were aplenty. I didn’t think this  was going to be a rowdy party, but as the night progressed, it did.

I wasn’t expecting to drink that night, but my boss was offering. She was also dancing really hard, it was great.  I danced with her a bit.

I was working on my second beer post the cheeseburger I ate, when more of my coworkers waltzed in carrying coolers, cases of beer, and wine. The party was already pumping, but then it really escalated.

People were pushing others into the pool, dancing, drinking, talking, and chain-smoking. It was the craziest work party I’ve ever been to. Here are some pictures:

One of my favorite memories is dancing bachata with one of my coworkers.  He is immature and crazy, but he was really patient with me as a stumbled along, dancing with him.  It was sweet.

Unfortunately, I had to drive home so I almost finished a gallon of water with my friend to sober up. It was a great time, I’m glad I went 🙂

xx Vic


  • jerbearinsantafe

    Was this a day camp or the more immersion all day every day of the so called “sleep away” camp? Between my Junior and Senior years in high school and for 2 summers while in college I was a camp counselor at a summer camp overseeing a cabin of campers. We had on special week with all blind campers in addition to the regular camp weeks. I taught sailing, worked a bit with horses and taught camp craft as well. I have good memories but it had it’s challenges. Given that they were religious affiliated camps we had no drinking so it was a bit different experience then you describe.

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