Poetry,  Speaking My Mind

the beginning of the end

she grabs me by my waist and kisses me

i want her so bad i feel dizzy

but i’m sorry, my phone keeps going off

i must answer it, i am scared to get caught

her kisses down my neck are distracting

as i dig in my purse, my phone i’m extracting

i must answer it

i must break away from this kiss

before the phone call i miss….

i push her away and answer my phone

my mom is on the other end, wondering when i’m coming home

“the mall has closed two hours ago

“why are you still out, are you alone?”

i reply

with a heavy sigh

“no, i am with a friend

“my coworker, jess

“remember i mentioned her…”

she replies, “sure i guess”

she tells me to come home soon

“it’s getting late, you have school tomorrow, you should be asleep in your room”

i hang up, and adjust my clothes

i tell jess that i have to go home

and then she turns up the music and goes

i sit in the passenger seat

thinking about all the lies i’ve hissed through my teeth

sneaking around

i feel lost again, i want to be found

© 2014 Vic Romero

I don’t know why I never published this…I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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