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The F Word In Church


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So…I completed one college application today.

It’s a really nice school, has good academics…is in NYC. And there was no application fee, which was really nice. Applying to colleges can cost a few hundred bucks.

The only downside of this school is that it’s a Catholic university, and I loathe Catholicism.

I have mixed feelings about other Christian denominations, but I am adamant about my dislike for Catholicism.

When I used to be really religious, I hated Catholicism because they focus on tradition rather than the Bible.

Now I don’t identify with any religion, and I hate Catholicism because they’re sexists.

Women cannot be ordained to become bishops. If they seek a status in church, they get excommunicated. Because having women bishops goes against tradition.

Jesus was a male.

The disciples were males.

…So Catholics feel they have a need to carry out the “males run the Church” tradition. Although it is sexist.

I don’t get angry very easily, but that makes my blood boil. And really sad.

I read an article awhile ago about women that were part of the Roman Catholic Church…they felt it was their calling to become a bishop. In order for them to do it without being excommunicated, they had to do the process on a boat in a certain body of water…something ridiculous.

Some women did it on land and sadly had to accept their excommunication.

Other women that were married had their husbands leave them because they became ordained.

It’s awful that women are shunned for wanting to speak God’s word.

Whether you believe in religion or not, you have to admit that this is fucked up.

These women aren’t committing murder or other crimes.

But women becoming ordained is a crime in the Catholic Church.

Most religions that I am aware of are sexists. So I’m not religious. (Although half of my family are Jesus freaks. They don’t know about my lack of beliefs)

Instead, I just…try to be kind and truthful…and whatever I consider a good person to be.

I’m a feminist…surprise.

And no, I don’t hate men.

I’ve mentioned a few feminist-y things before…like how breasts are over-sexualized…and I’ve also touched upon how men have expectations to be “macho”…but I would like to post other things in the future. When I feel like it.

I realized I was a feminist about two years ago…didn’t know much about feminism beyond women history in America though.

I’m still learning, but I’ve learned a lot so…I figured I could just mention a few things now and again, and if someone reads them and is like: “whoa…interesting…how preposterous!” or whatever…well the said reader will learn something (or teach me something in the comments) and maybe realize that she’s a feminist also.

And if a dude reads this, well they can be feminists too. Although some feminists don’t like men being called feminists (they prefer calling guy feminists “feminist allies” or “feminist friendly” or something)…I do.

It’s about midnight now so I’m going to go to sleep. I have to work two shifts tomorrow.

Goodnight Opuss

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  • Samantha

    I grew up Catholic and the archaic patriarchal values is one of the reasons why I’m not a practicing Catholic anymore. What I liked about it was the emphasis on good works/being a good person led to salvation, not just faith/going to church. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a college that fits all of the other criteria you listed and isn’t Catholic! 🙂

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