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I have about a month of the summer left before I have to pack my life up and travel back to school. I’ve greatly enjoyed my time off but I’m a little anxious to go back as well. I’m also a little nervous…it’s a hodgepodge of emotions.

Anyway, I just wanted to post an overview of some of the things I’ve done thus far.

I’ve been training to become a sexual violence response advocate. I have to make up a couple of hours but I should be finished by next week!

I saw Fall Out Boy for the third time. They’re amazing as always, but I hate that they only sing “I Don’t Care” from my favorite album, FOLIE. They should perform a concert entirely of songs from that album! Wiz Khalifa was co-headlining, and he was really great. I kinda dig him now. Hoodie Allen was the opening act and I went to the bathroom during his performance. He was subpar.

My sister graduated high school and turned eighteen, which was pretty incredible. She’s not so little anymore and it’s weird but it’s part of life.

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, do you remember that job at the burger joint I had? Well I’ve been there for two years and I finally quit! I got another job at a film production company doing some coding. In addition to that, I have a class and an internship this summer so I’m mighty busy. Hopefully the next job I have will be more professional and in the field I plan on pursuing. I’ll have to go to the career office at my university to determine what my job options are.

That’s about it! I hope everything is going well for y’all!



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