Short Stories,  Speaking My Mind

The Last Time I Saw Her (Memory #1)

“My brother is getting married in two weeks,” she said thoughtfully.  “It’s crazy.”

“They’ve been together for awhile, right?”

“Since college,” she replied.

“I used to think that when I turned twenty-five I would get married,” I confessed.  “That’s kinda soon.”

“Yeah, I’m already twenty-two…so that’s three more years for me.”

“In three years I’ll be twenty-two.”

“What if we got engaged?” she asked.


“What if I bought you a ring for your twenty-first birthday?”

I paused.  “Well I guess I would legally be allowed to drink…so I’d get us champagne.”

She smiled at me before resting her cheek against my shoulder.  In that moment I felt safe and secure…like I had found the one for me.

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