the moments that still haunt me

aggressive/passionate kisses

from thin/full, confident lips,

while curious hands find the hem

of my pleather/tennis skirt


warm but forceful hands

directing/coaxing my body,

my hands,

my head.


pushing/guiding me onto the bed

rolling in bed

with sheets that aren’t mine/

sheets that aren’t even his


a body that doesn’t move

at the same rhythm as mine.

a body that doesn’t even tune into

my frequency.


sleeping on the edge of the bed,

his body turned away/

his body clinging onto mine,

his erection pressing into me


leaving before dawn

and walking home alone, unseen/

waking up in the afternoon

in his embrace/beside him


waking up in an unfamiliar room/

in a room i’ve become too familiar with

feeling loved/

feeling empty.


©️ 2018 Vic Romero

Hello, welcome to my blog! I am a 200 hr- RYT and a recent college graduate! My blog is a space where I share stories of my personal endeavors with some poetry, recipes, and yoga mixed in! For yoga inquiries, please email me at yoga@unziptheselips.com. For general inquiries, please email me at hello@unziptheselips.com. Thank you for visiting!

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