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I’m back from my trip to Disney World and Universal Studios. It was really fun and I surprisingly got along with my family for the duration of the trip, despite spending every second together and sharing a small hotel room. I think it’s my first trip where I didn’t fight with my mom at all…it was really nice. The last day of the trip was one of my favorite nights though.

My sister and I went to the old part of Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Island of Adventure at 8:30pm. It looks really incredible, here are some pics of the old park:

IMG_2040 IMG_2047

The lines were super short so we went on the ride twice in 20 minutes! Then we took the Hogsmeade train to London, which is the new part of Harry Potter World. The train itself is a ride, so that was cool. Here are pics of the new park:

photo 1 photo 2

The dragon on top of the new bank ride breathes fire as seen in the picture on the right!

We went to Knockturn Alley there. It’s hidden and dark and spooky, but there’s ton of dark magic there so it’s awesome, see?

photo (9)

I got a red Bellatrix shirt and met a man that was a “closeted Bellatrix fan.” He had a Lego figurine of her! Then we went to another store and my sister got a Slytherine shirt. Then we took the train back to Hogsmeade and went looking for ice cream in the City Walk. Instead, we stumbled upon a Kareoke bar that admitted 18+, and my sister turned 18 like last week so we went in. We didn’t have to pay a cover fee because we were staying at a resort. So then my sister and I jammed out as people sang badly (although one woman was really good!) Here’s some pics of the venue:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

My sister and I had to have our hands marked because we’re not 21.

We left at 11:30pm and went back to our room. It was a fun, adventurous evening, and a great trip overall, but I’m glad to be home. I have so much I need to do and I haven’t seen my friends in two weeks so I want to hang out with them before we all go back to school. I can’t believe the summer is halfway over!

I hope everyone’s summer is going well! Have any of you gone to Disney or Universal? I personally like Disney better πŸ™‚



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