Poetry,  Speaking My Mind

This Was For You

Inhaling you…
The lingering scent on your shirt
While I lie here in bed
My hand slides down my neck
Glides down my breast
Your scent is captivating
Soft lips
I crave to kiss
Your neck,
My canvas
Mark you as mine
My hand finds its way between my thighs…
Your head rolling
From side to side
Tongue spitting out
Curses and shouts
I want your tongue inside my mouth
And inside my…
One finger ventures inside
Hot and wet..
I wish I could make love to you tonight
But instead I dream
Of my digits drowning in your core
Of you demanding more
Of my wrist getting sore
Of your tongue
Your hands
Your limbs
Tangled up in mine
I dream of us panting
Falling asleep

© 2014 Vic Romero

18 Sept 2014

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