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A quick update on some recent events: My little sister had her first-year orientation for college.  I went to see Taylor Swift (who was AMAZING live) with one of my friends, I saw Magic Mike XL, I reconnected with one of my friends who I hadn’t seen in over six months, I saw a great firework show in my town, I will finally be finishing my sexual violence crisis response advocacy training next week, and summer camp has begun!

I am working with kids that are at-risk for racism, drugs, and violence.  The summer camp is about utilizing art as healthy outlets for them.

I was really nervous about being a counselor because some of these kids are living and coming from challenging backgrounds that I have never experienced and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to connect with them.  My fears have been overcome because so far, it’s been great.  All my fellow counselors are super supportive and amazing and the kids are great.  I’m having a lot of fun teaching them and learning from them as well.

Although I can talk about the camp forever, I want to talk about the quote that I included in the beginning…

This quote by Max Ehrmann has been on every page of my agenda pad since the end of my first romantic relationship.  It helped me stay positive and focused on my goals rather than focused on how many people in my life have treated me poorly.  I still write this quote on every page and I still think about it when I begin to doubt myself.  It wasn’t until recently, however, that I have embraced it as truth.

I loved my first year in college, but my first year also left much to be desired.  I have about three people I consider true friends, but only one of them is reliable.  I don’t mind having only a couple of friends, but I wanted to meet more people because it’s college!  I study at a huge university and there are so many people to meet!  I want to meet more people that are more like me and more people that are different from me!

This coming semester I am part of a special interest housing so I figured I would meet people that I connect with.  I didn’t consider how what I’m currently doing would also attract people that I connect with though.

In the class that I am taking this summer, I met two other people that are living in the same building I am, and one of them is in the same special interest house at me and we’re three doors away from each other!  They’re both also on the e-board of a pro-choice club, which I didn’t even know my school had.  I’ve been looking for other clubs to get involved in and now that I know about this club as well as the women that run it, I will definitely be attending meetings!  Lastly, in camp, I met a counselor named…we’ll call her Sharon.*

All of the counselors have been incredibly kind, friendly, and supportive; but Sharon is undoubtedly the person I connect with the most because she has taken a true interest in getting to know me, unlike the other counselors.  One day we were talking about former roommates and she had a similar experience as I did, except I perceive her experience to be even worse than mine.

She went to school with her friends from home, and her roommate was random.  Basically, her roommate stole her “friends” and her “friends” dumped her.  All of them are living together next year and they excluded her.  She said she was lonely during the spring semester because she didn’t meet new people as a result of solely hanging with her “friends” from back home.

When Sharon told me the details of this awful experience, she was smiling and laughing.  I know she wasn’t laughing at the time when it happened though and it just broke my heart because she’s a genuinely kind and honest person…how could all these people treat her so poorly??

We bonded over our bad roommate experiences and ever since, we’ve been friends.  I really want to hang out with Sharon when school starts…like I don’t want this friendship to dissipate in the fall.  I would like it to grow more because she’s great!  She’s the kind of friend that I’m looking for and…meeting her as well as the other women that are also living in special interest housing has made me feel like the universe is really unfolding as it should.  My awful experiences as well as a desire to meet people that have the same passions that I do have propelled me to keep putting myself out there by applying to be a camp counselor…which have ultimately connected me to these great people.  I’m so excited to see what else the universe has in store for me!

I hope you will begin to trust your experiences and your path too.  I’m not saying that you should not take charge of your life, because you totally should!  If you’re unhappy, don’t just sit around waiting for things to change.  I was unsatisfied with my first year of school, but I didn’t just hope that my second year will be better!  Instead, I took the initiative to apply for opportunities that would lead me to accomplish what I felt I was lacking in my first year.  For me, that was making more friends.  Maybe the bad experiences that I had were bad because the universe believed I deserve better or maybe the universe wanted me to have these bad experiences that would help me sympathize with people and cause me to push myself to do more with my life…I don’t know.  All I know is that the universe is unfolding as it should, and I am happy with how it is doing so.

x Vic

*Name has been changed


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