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Time Flies

I don’t understand how so much time has passed since I last wrote…it’s crazy.  I’m soooo unprepared for the speed at which time is flying because I have so much work to do for my thesis before the semester ends and I have to stop kinda failing an economics class…keep me in your thoughts.

Anyway…I’m about to embark on finishing the draft for the first chapter of my thesis.  It is rough, so hopefully, I can significantly improve it by the time the official copy is due.

Aside from that…some updates!

Thanksgiving break is ending today and I’m pretty bummed about it.  I didn’t do much relaxing or catching up with friends because of my thesis, plus I had a job interview too.  I was pretty upset about how my break hasn’t been that great in the sense of “relaxing,” but then I put it into perspective and well…most of my friends (actually, none of my friends) are doing a thesis.  Winter break will be my time to actually chill out and catch up with friends.

Yesterday I was supposed to go see Coco with my family but because I was pretty high-strung, we just went to Bath and Body Works instead, and we almost got robbed.

Bath and Body Works is one of our favorite stores and because we had a ton of coupons, we went on a major spree.  Afterwards, we went to TJ Maxx.  When we were heading back to the parking lot to go home, these two young women were walking ahead of us.  When we got to our car, they turned back around and came incredibly close to our car, especially considering that there were no cars around us.  They kept playing it off by saying “where is he?”  My mom threw her purse in the car and when she noticed that one of the girls was peering into the passenger door, my mom locked the doors.  The girls then noticed the cop car nearby and ran away.

It was super uncomfortable and scary.  Thankfully they didn’t interact with us beyond being weirdly close to us, but it was still scary.

Anyway…I’m gonna resume doing my work.  I want to finish by 7pm the latest.

xx Vic

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