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My birthday was on the seventh of this month, which was a Monday.  It sucked that my twenty-first was on a Monday, but because it was on a less than ideal day, my birthday wasn’t just a day, but a birthday week!

I woke up Monday ready to slay the world.  I’ve been watching Arrow lately (it’s excellent if you haven’t checked it out) and I was particularly entranced by Helena.  She was the mob leader’s daughter and was bad to the bone as well as wealthy.  So my birthday look was inspired by her.

I got myself a free, birthday coffee at Starbucks, and then I went to all my classes and pretty much zoned out through all of them.

My parents took me out to dinner at this Cuban restaurant across from my apartment at 7pm.  I ordered my first legal drink, a coconut mojito, and didn’t get carded.  This was super frustrating since I had waited twenty-one long years to legally order drinks myself, but whatever.  Maybe he saw the 21st birthday balloon or it was because I was with my parents that he didn’t card me…although he later asked if it was my twenty-first and then he brought out a free dessert.

Afterward, my friends and I went to a bar down the street.  It was the most popping bar in the city for a Monday, which was nice.  I ordered my first long island iced tea (very strong stuff), and I actually got carded. It was lovely hanging with my friends.

My birthday was the last good day that week, though because the eighth, aka Tuesday, was election day, and the President-to-be is someone who I do not like in the slightest.  So on Wednesday, the same day as the election results, I bought a pack of pumpkin ale to help me chill out after a sad and stressful day.  The woman I’ve been talking to from Tinder…I guess we’re friends now, but she got me into that stuff.  I went to the grocery store to get it and the woman didn’t card me.  I don’t understand what is with people and not carding me!

I ended up drinking the beer and chatting with my birthday twin (we have the same birthday but she’s two years older than me) about the election, about our potential love interests, and other things until midnight.

On Thursday one of my good friends took me out to dinner at a small Thai place.  She made me a card and jewelry, which was super sweet and thoughtful.  Such a nice treat.

Friday was my official birthday bash bar crawl. This is where the real fun begins….

It started with my birthday twin and I pregaming in my apartment with shots of vodka.  Then we went to this long-time classic restaurant at my university and shared a fishbowl!  Our friends began to arrive and after we finished the fishbowl, we went to another bar.

The second bar had awesome music, which we all danced to.  My hometown friend, Kat’s, twin brother bought us all shots and two gin and tonics.  Gin and tonic is way more delicious than I had anticipated.

Then we took the party to more of a club scene.  At this point, I was super drunk as you could imagine.  I had a rum and coke and danced the night away.

One of my friends who I work with began kissing my face a ton.  Some of my friends get more intimate when they’re drunk, but to me, she was kissing my face a lot.  I’m not sure if I initiated it (I probably did tbh) but we ended up making out on the dance floor and someone took flash photographs of us at some point.  She left shortly afterward.

Honestly…not sure if her and I are cool.  I’ve texted her since then but I haven’t seen her nor have I talked about what happened to verify that we’re cool.  The reason I’m so concerned with how she perceives me is because when we were kissing, she was confessing some secret love for me.  She kept saying if her boyfriend wasn’t in the picture…and it was weird and intense because 1. Our friendship has been completely platonic and she’s always been in a relationship since I’ve known her and 2. she is in a relationship.  Perhaps it’s drunk talk but to me, that was pretty intense drunk talk.

Anyway, shortly after she left, so did me and my birthday twin.  One of the guys from my Europe trip (a couple of them showed up, it was so sweet) was willing to drive us home.  So we smoked pot in his car and then my friend passed out on my lap and he drove us home.  It was super fun.

I was home around 2am but didn’t fall asleep until 3am.  I awoke at 9am when my sister called me that my family was on their way to pick me up to take me to Manhattan.

I shouldn’t have went that ham the night before, especially considering that this wasn’t a surprise trip.  I knew that we were going to Manhattan early in the morning for over a month now.

So, as the newly blossomed 21-year-old that I am, I puked in the car on the way to the city and I couldn’t eat any of the food at the restaurant that they took me to brunch because the smell of it was making me nauseous.  Instead, I puked in the bathroom at the restaurant.

After puking and shitting all morning, I eventually felt better and ate the food that I had ordered around 2pm on the horse and carriage ride we went on in Central Park.  My mom and sister were pretty mad at me, but my dad didn’t mind.  It was nice that he had my back.

But yeah…we just walked around and then went home.  It was a beautiful day that day so I took a bunch of lovely photos.  You can check them out below!

That was my birthday week!  Although it sucked that I was so ill on Saturday, I feel like you aren’t really twenty-one if you don’t have a horrible hangover.  I’ve been drunk plenty of times throughout my college career, but I’ve never felt that terrible afterward.

On the bright side, I spent the whole week with people that I love and care about.  I’m so grateful to have them in my life.

xx Vic

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