Vic’s European Vacation: Day 4: London to Paris

I woke up drunk and at the crack of dawn because I had to pack for Paris!

Well, when we got to the Eurostar station, the train for Paris that was supposed to leave at 8:30am was delayed two hours. Our train was delayed, but luckily not as long. We ended up being in Paris only an hour later than expected.

I was disappointed in the Eurostar because they kept advertising about wifi, but I had no signal at all. Not even cellular service!

Although it was cool how fast the train went.  It went 75 meters underground at 300km/hr in 54 km long tunnels.  That was the only impressive part of the Eurostar.

Despite the delay, we saw all the sites we were supposed to on the bus tour, and we made perfect timing!  The tour guide was super nice and funny, but I liked the one in London a little better.  The tour guide in London had a ton of attitude, she was great.

After the tour, we were supposed to organize little groups of about four or so to share bottles of wine for the cruise tour on the Seine River.  There was a grocery store right across the street from the hotel, so we all went there to get wine.  The wine was so cheap though! You could get wine for about 3 euros!  So we ended up with our own bottles of wine instead of sharing haha

Getting the wine was a little scary though.  When I was buying my wine, the cashier woman started speaking to me in French.  I don’t speak French though, so I said, “excuse me?” The manager was watching the transaction and then piped up loudly and sarcastically like, “Oh, she doesn’t speak French!  She speaks English!  Only English!”

The cashier lady laughed and when I finished the transaction, I bolted out of there.  I felt so embarrassed and uncomfortable…and since this was the first foreign country I was in where I didn’t speak the native language, I felt afraid.  I realized how challenging it may be for me on the rest of the trip where the native language is not English nor Spanish.

After we all got the wine, we took the bus to the fancy dinner.  The food was delicious, but the red wine was a little too dry for my liking.

Here’s the food! I had that giant creme brûlée to myself! I couldn’t finish it all though.

Then we went on the Seine River cruise!  I cracked up when we all got off of the bus with a bottle of wine per person.  We all climbed onto the roof of the boat and then passed around the two bottle openers.  Boat tour, everyone has their own bottle

As you could probably imagine, we all got drunk.

The end of the tour was a close-up view of the Eiffel Tower sparkling…we all went crazy when it sparkled right in front of us.  Suddenly, we were all scrambling to take drunken pics.  The alumni advisor thought it was funny how excited we got about it.  Here are some of my drunken pictures:

After the cruise, we did a city night tour of Paris.  Everyone was belligerent and trying to use the bathroom on the bus, although it was closed.  I’m sure the bus driver couldn’t wait for us to get off.

Then, back at the hotel, my roommate helped me finish my bottle of wine because I couldn’t do it myself.  Speaking of hotel rooms, the rooms we had in Paris were incredibly tiny.  Also, the hangers in Europe are different than the US.  At least they’re different in the European hotels.  The closets don’t have a pole parallel to the door, the poles are perpendicular to the doors.  I’m not such a fan of it.

Anywho, she and the sorority squad then went out while the rest of us got crepes.


Everybody in France smokes.  Seriously, everybody.  Only one girl on my trip smoked, and I don’t know what I was thinking…that I wanted to experiment I guess.  But anyway, she gave me a cigarette and me and this super tall guy on the trip started smoking at the outdoor crepe shop.  I did a bad job of smoking, though.  I didn’t realize you have to tap off the end once in awhile because then I had white powder all over my leather jacket lol
Then I got yelled at for smoking too close to the crepes, I felt like a real smoker.

After the crepes, we went to a bar.  It was a weekday though so we were the only people there, it was pretty hilarious.  The bar only played American music, it was weird.  We drank upstairs for awhile and then went to the basement.  One of the dudes and I got behind the bar there to pretend to be bartenders, which ultimately got us all kicked out of the basement.  Then we just hung out at the main part of the bar.

One of the dudes on the trip bought one of the girls a beer, although she was already crazy drunk.  She was Beyonce dancing the whole night lol and they also held hands underneath the table.  On the way back, he gave her a piggy-back ride, and she fell off.  We all had to hoist her up and hold her on the way back to the hotel.

The guy that pretended to be a bartender with me was kind of lurking around me…it felt like he wanted to get funky later.  One of my Latina friends noticed though and she swooped in to save me.  I wasn’t looking to be saved…I don’t mean I was like…interested in this guy.  I wasn’t interested in the guy nor was I in the mood to get funky but…it was nice of her to do anyway.  Although it was super effective because then we ended up on the same floor, unlike everyone else.

He noticed me and we hung around the door to my room, talking.  It felt like something could easily happen..there was a little drunken chemistry.  A little drunken flirting…and then he farted.

It was silent and extremely deadly.

Then the drunken chemistry fizzled, the flirting stopped, the talking idled…He was like, “I think I’m going to go to bed now.”

And that was it.  We hardly talked the rest of the trip.

I stayed awake for several hours drunkenly texting some friends from home.

I had to leave the door to my hotel room slightly cracked for my partying roomie.  There was only one room key, and I had it.  I ended up sleeping for like four hours, which has become typical of this trip lol

xo Vic


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