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Virgo Full Moon Ritual – March 2018

I tried my adaptation of the Virgo Full Moon Ritual in the morning after I did my daily yoga session. I decided to do a Full Moon Yoga flow, followed by stretching because last time I did it, my hamstrings were killing me for several days afterward. Then I did the ritual.

Part of the ritual was to feel and think about what makes you feel like you are on task. I interpreted that as…what makes you feel fulfilled? What goals do you want to achieve, and what can you do more of to help you get there?

The three things that came to my mind were my girlfriend, my blog, and school.

Within the last two weeks or so, I’ve been thinking about those three things quite a bit. I want to expand upon them and I have some specific goals in those areas of my life.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been thinking about going to graduate school again. I plan to consider it more seriously once I finish my thesis. I want to research different programs. I also want to apply for jobs again so I can have an income since I am taking a gap year.

In regards to my blog, I have a ton of different ideas for it. Right now it’s hard to execute them so…again, after I finish my thesis, I will start working on it. This past weekend I’ve been thinking about making some YouTube videos to complement my blog, but I’m unsure how I feel about video-editing. We shall see though!

The last thing is…my lovely girlfriend. We have some project ideas for us to work on together as a career. I also want to live with her when she graduates from college next year.

I suspect that 2018 will be an intense year, but intense in a good way! There is so much growing I will be doing because, for the first time in my life, I won’t be in school. It has caused me to reflect on the purpose of my blog. My blog is very much centered on me and my experiences, and it will include a wide variety of topics and ideas because I’m going to be doing a ton of exploring. I’m on the precipice of a ton of change.

It makes me a little antsy for graduation because I want to have that freedom already to really…shake up my life and to shape it. I want to share those experiences, thoughts, and ideas with you and to connect with them. I want to share and I also want to document.

So…some more improvements to my blog will not be coming until April, the earliest. But they will come. Please join me on my journey.

xx Vic


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