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Graduation is in less than two weeks, and my life has been a little hectic in an exciting way. This past weekend I spent my days drinking and snacking at alumni events and other University gatherings with my friends and my girlfriend, hence why I did not get to make a Sunday post this Sunday. I was recovering from all the fun.

I’ve been enjoying my last days as an undergraduate though because I’ve been celebrating with people that I care about and I also have more exciting activities planned up until graduation (I have three commencements to attend), and even after. Thus, my regular blogging schedule may continue to be a little erratic until late May or the beginning of June.

Since I didn’t get to post on Sunday because of the senioritis excitement, I will at least detail the festivities I participated in.


My girlfriend and I went on a spontaneous date! We greatly enjoy BYOB sushi places, which is what we did at a local place. The drug store near us surprisingly had alcohol (this is a novelty experience in NJ where only liquor stores carry alcohol), and we got a wine that was less than $5! Neither of us had ever found and purchased a wine that cheap (except maybe when I was in Europe) it wasn’t bad wine at all. It easily could have been at least a $10 wine.

Anyway, it was great because we at sushi and got drunk on cheap wine. Then when we were leaving, we heard live music at a bar and so we popped in. It was a male guitarist who had a great voice. We got Moscow mules, which is my favorite mixed drink at the moment, and had a great time listening to the musician at a pretty hipster place.

We’ve been to that bar before because it’s also a liquor store, and last time we did BYOB sushi locally, we got a $25 bottle of wine there. That was the most I’ve spent on wine, but it was well worth it. That bottle was from Spain and it was simply divine.


Thursday was an alumni event at a local bar with beer tasting, tapas, and a buffet! I got to try some craft beer and my favorite one was a key lime pie-flavored beer that I don’t remember the name of, but it was fantastic. It really did taste like a key lime pie! If you like fruity beers, such as I do, I recommend trying it if a bar near you offers it. It’s a nice flavor without being very sweet. Below is the outfit I wore as well as a picture of my girlfriend and me! She recently chopped off her hair and I’m hoping she will write a blog post about it. I would like to share it here! If anyone is interested in collaborating, let me know!

My Outfit! Leather jacket: TJ Maxx Purse: Betsey Johnson from TJ Maxx Lace-up Tank top: Hollister Jeans: Hollister Sneakers: Doc Martens Red Lipstick: Mac- Viva Glam I
My girlfriend and I <3


Saturday was crazy all day because my University has a huge street fair. It was really fun and I got two new plants!


The one above is a succulent that I liked because it looks like a tree! The one below looks like a moss but it’s a fern.


There was supposed to be another alumni event afterward, but unfortunately, it got rained out. Instead, my friends, my girlfriend, and I went barhopping! While this was awesome, I ended up spending much more money than I would have had the alumni event been going on (it was $5 open bar with beer and wine for 3.5 hours).


The alumni event that canceled was going to be a 90s party, hence why I’m wearing a Rugrats shirt and a choker. I was also wearing a 90’s color-ed lipstick which was a burgundy color called Sin. Sin was a color that was part of the Rocky Horror Show collection that Sephora released a couple of years ago that I desperately wanted, but unfortunately, they ran out of stock. At least I got to have the color, just not in the Rocky Horror Show tube!


I went wild on Saturday with my friends and my girlfriend, which I never do anymore. I’ve become an elderly woman and I’m okay with that. But yeah…we got home late and went to bed even later so I slept in until 1:30pm. Yeah, P.M.!!!! I haven’t done that since my frat party days two years ago, and I don’t miss that life at all.

Anyway, after waking up at 1:30pm and getting ready for the sliver of the day that was remaining, I helped my girlfriend move out of her dorm and then we got into a huge fight. It was a constructive fight, and by that I mean it was about a topic that is important in order to continue to grow together. By the end of the night, we had resolved things and now we’re great! We have a plan now to work on an area of our relationship that I’d like to improve, so I’m excited about that.

After all that, we went to a ceremony at my University where there is cake at the end! The event was disappointing, and the reception was even more disappointing, but I took a picture of the senior cake, which is pictured above.

That was my weekend!

This coming weekend will be more low-key because I will be primarily working on moving out of my apartment. I am thrilled to move out, and lately I haven’t been dreading moving back in with my parents. I’m looking forward to the comforts of home and to my room and I don’t plan to live there forever, but I will live there for awhile until I figure out my next moves!

How was your past weekend? Do you have any upcoming weekend plans?

xx Vic

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