Poetry,  Speaking My Mind

we’re not friends

break it off yesterday because it’s not worth trudging through the dirt

i am lazy i am crazy am i the reason that this doesn’t work

i blame them and i hate them for all the hurt so much hurt

but i don’t try because i remember that i always forget i

am alone

at the end of the day i don’t have a say in it

i’m alone

and a sucker

take advantage just fuck her

selectively choosing when to trust

but i have proof that it was better before

before it was shiny but it’s all turned to rust

we’re not friends

we’re not anything

i opt out of seeing you anymore

but i’m afraid i’m making the same mistake

as before


© Vic Romero

Goodbye STC, AL



      • yikici

        Things always gets better when we really cannot see it…sending you hugs* I’m okay, well…life hit me in the face, I’m trying to push through and see beyond the break-up.

        • vicromero

          that is true..thanks Oz for the hugs <3 aww yeah, breakups are rough…surround yourself with people who love you and focus on what makes u happy…time will help with the rest. are u on fb?? we should connect on there 🙂

          • yikici

            Hugs. 🙂 Yes, I am on fb, are you still on kik? I’ll kik you, think you may need my email address in order to find me, or else I’ll have to find you instead..though I’m a tad crappy with fb, I mainly reshare stuff there with the odd moan lol

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