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Wet M&Ms

My m&ms are wet. I think that’s a good description of how awful my day has been.

It started off being really good…I ran into a friend on the way to the plenary, which was really inspiring. Then there was an activities fair, hot apple cider, and cotton candy. The weather was glorious and sunny…not that I got to enjoy it though.

I spent another day eating, studying, and breathing in my room. I stressed to the point of tears but I refused to break down and I plowed through everything, with an occasional YouTube break. But generally speaking it’s been rough and now I have a splitting headache, I’m in class, and my peanut m&ms are wet. And after this I have to finish editing my paper and hopefully I’ll be done by 9:30 so I can be in bed by 10:30 because last night I didn’t go to bed until 1:30am and I’m exhausted.

I went to bed so late because I was talking to my new friend, Anna, in the bathroom. Whenever we run into each other in the bathroom we talk for a long time haha

But yeah…I just want to go to sleep. And I miss my ex…I know she’s busy which is why she never got back to me or anything…she’s probably having as hard of a time with her life as I am having with mine…except she’s dealing with real-life issues. But I miss her…I need her she’s my buddy. She would know how to comfort me and make me feel better.

Anyway, I got to go know.


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