Poetry,  Speaking My Mind

Why I’m Here

She tells me to speak my mind all the time…
It’s ironic because that is the purpose of my website
And she’s never seen it
Because I’m scared to share
I want to unzip my bright red lips
I at least want to try
I’m here because…
I’m not always eloquent with my words
And I’m terrified to express myself when I’m distressed or upset
Talking about your feelings makes you vulnerable
It opens you up to being torn to shreds
And I don’t know…
If unzipping my lips has really been worth it
I try to be honest
It has only bitten me in the ass
Some people have really hurt me, and it makes me feel sad
Plus, everyone is leaving
I’m going to be leaving too soon
It’s scary although exciting to be going somewhere new
But I don’t know…
If I am really ready
She promises I won’t be doing it all alone
She’ll be here because our love is rock steady
She says I can hang out with her when I am home
I just don’t know anymore…
Everyone says to take things day by day
It’ll take some of my stress away
Things will be better in college
It’s your time to shine
To be yourself…
I hope so
And I hope things will turn out alright
For now, however
I’ll be here
Trying to unzip the broken zipper
On my bright red lips

© 2014 Vic Romero

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