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My girlfriend wanted to go to TJ Maxx to get new slippers, but we ended up buying a bunch of items, except for slippers. (She didn’t get slippers because they didn’t have what she wanted).

I wasn’t even going to buy anything, but then I went to the yoga section and I helplessly got sucked in because they had several items that I had been wanting to purchase for a while.

In March, I became interested in Mysore rugs because I was trying to figure out a way to prevent slippage while practicing. Slippage can happen in poses like downward facing dog or in lunges. Mysore rugs are common in Ashtanga yoga, which is one of the branches of Hatha yoga, and they were used before yoga mats were developed in the 1960s. People still use them today, particularly in India. Some use them either on top of a yoga mat or on its own, and you can get some reasonably priced ones on Amazon.

A popular western alternative is yoga towels, which is what I bought for less than $15 at TJ Maxx. They are not eco-friendly, unlike Mysore rugs. I feel conflicted about my purchase because of this, but I also loved the texture of it and I wanted to try it. I still would like to invest in a Mysore rug though, but perhaps another time.

Gaiam yoga towel

One side of the towel is sticky so it can stick to your yoga mat when you practice, and the other side is microfiber. Apparently, it works best when damp so you have to spray it with a spray bottle to have the least slippery practice. I will review it once I use it! I’m hoping when I do the training in the summer, it will be incredibly helpful as I get hot from practicing for hours daily. All you have to do to care for this is wash it in cold water and let it air dry.

The item that I’m the most excited about is the travel mat! I wasn’t even going to get it because although I’ve done quite a bit of traveling with my family, I don’t expect that to continue once I graduate and start working. I may be doing mostly day or weekend trips but regardless, I’m glad my girlfriend convinced me to get it because it will definitely be useful. In fact, I am going to bring it with me when I go to Disney with my family next month. This mat was also was $15 or less too!

Gaiam travel mat is the mat with the mandala

What made it a difficult purchase to pass up is the stickiness that I thought you can only get with an expensive mat, but this mat proves that wrong. It’s has a wonderful sticky texture on both sides that guarantees no slippage, and I love how compact and lightweight it is too! It’s 68 inches long, a little shorter than my regular mat which is the bright blue one next to it, at 72 inches. The travel mat is also significantly thinner than my regular yoga mat, at 2mm versus…I don’t know how thick my yoga mat is but it’s on the thicker side.

I generally prefer thicker mats because they provide more support for my bony spine, but if I use the travel mat in hotel rooms, which I feel like typically have carpet, it may be okay to use. I can always throw a towel under it or stick to more restorative postures and standing asanas. Thinner mats are better for standing asanas anyway.

The last item that I purchased was this pair of yoga capris! I love how they are simultaneously angsty and serene. They are high-waisted and very comfy.


The other pairs of yoga pants that I have are from Target, and I think Target is better if you want trendy yoga pants at an affordable price. Target is still more expensive than TJ Maxx though. Even when I got yoga pants on sale, they were $20 whereas this pair was $15, but I like Target better because I feel guaranteed to find a pair that I like. The last couple of times I’ve been to TJ Maxx, I didn’t like their selection. Perhaps it was the time of the month and the day that influenced what they had in stock, and perhaps they have limited options in the “small” size.

Conversely, Target has their own yoga gear line and although their items are more expensive, even when the items that are on sale, they have more variety and more features. For example, all the pairs I have from Target have pockets, which I don’t currently use because I practice at home, but I think it’s a thoughtful feature! They also have trendy elements such as mesh or neon color-blocking.

I want at least one more pair so I can have a pair for every day of the weekday, considering my intensive YTT is five days a week. I may go to Target to get my next pair unless I go to TJ Maxx before then and find something that I like.


Anyway, I’ll let y’all know how these items are as I use them! If you practice yoga, what are your favorite items?

xx Vic

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